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The premier shoe manufacturer known for crafting high-quality footwear. Our team of experienced designers and developers work tirelessly to bring you the latest in stylish and durable shoes. Trust us to provide you with the finest shoe manufacturing experience and exceptional products. Order with confidence, knowing that every shoe from us is made with care and precision.
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Leading Shoe Manufacturer
Efficient Factory Process: Delivering Quality Shoes at Fateh Industries Ltd
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Crafting Comfort for Over 30 Years.

Pioneering Perfection in Shoe Manufacturing.


The sample room at our factory is a hub of creativity and innovation, where our team of skilled designers bring the latest shoe designs to life with precision and care. Trust us to bring your vision to life and know that your shoes are in safe hands with our dedicated team.

Materials selection

Our team of experts meticulously evaluates each material to ensure that it meets our high standards for quality and sustainability. Our team of experts meticulously evaluates each material to ensure that it meets our high standards for quality and sustainability.

Proto to Prodcution

From creating prototypes in our sample room to the final production process, our dedicated team ensures that every detail is taken care of to exceed expectations. We are committed to providing the best experience for our customers, from start to finish.

Showcasing Our Unmatched Capabilities

Delivering Quality Footwear since 1986

Design and Development Team

Unlocking the full potential of your footwear projects with us.

Innovative TPR Sole Technology

Streamlining the footwear production process for maximum efficiency.

State of the art of machinery

Crafting Excellence with Cutting-Edge Technology: "

fully mechanized

We are equipped with the latest and most advanced machinery, our state of the art equipment to streamline our production process and create a consistent and reliable product.

pu direct injection

Our PU Direct Injection Machine is a prime example towards our innovation and manufacturing of high end shoes. This cutting-edge technology allows us to produce shoes with superior comfort and durability, by directly injecting PU (polyurethane) into the sole of the shoe.

Finishing Touch to Perfect Packaging

Our skilled technicians use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that each shoe is polished to perfection, before being carefully packaged and ready for shipment

About Us

Fateh Industries Ltd is a proud family-owned shoe manufacturer based in Pakistan, with over three decades of experience in the industry. Since our establishment in 1986, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the art of shoe manufacturing and providing customers with high-quality footwear products that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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Established Experts in Footwear

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